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How To Start Internet Marketing Business - 3 Steps

Each post will be short and to the point because, let’s face it, the holidays aren’t a time for reading 1, 000 word blog posts. Still, they’ll be filled with tactics you can put comfortably in your marketing plan to start implementing on January 2 when you’re back in the office.

*Full disclosure: Each of these topics will be covered in depth in a local business online marketing course I’m offering this Spring. Sign up here to be notified when it’s ready for you and your team to sink your eyeballs into.  

Now that the administrative stuff is out of the way, let’s dig in to the top marketing tactics your local business should be focusing on starting now (or, you know, January 2).

It amazes me how few businesses have websites. Yet, studies show 60% of the sales process is over before you ever know a person is considering doing business with you. You know where they’re looking? Online.

If you don’t have a website, start one.  Hire a designer and copywriter (it’s worth every penny) and have yours built.

Too often I hear from business owners, “I have a website but it’s not bringing me any business. ” My next question is always, “What are you doing to attract people to your website? ”

It’s usually about there in the conversation that I’m met with a blank stare.

Your website is your digital hub. It’s where you should funnel all traffic to from print advertising, radio commercials, and all of your social media marketing efforts. If you’re not doing this, it makes sense that you’re not seeing any kind of business coming from your website.

Create a plan for what you’ll put on your website and how you’ll drive traffic to your pages. More on this tomorrow…

Do you know what’s happening on your website? How are people finding you? Where are people leaving? What’s catching their eye?

If you haven’t set up Гугл analytics, do it. If you haven’t accessed Гугл analytics, do that too. I put together a quick and easy primer on Гугл analytics and all the fantastic information you can find in this invaluable tool here. Read it. Absorb it. Practice it. It’s the cold, hard facts behind the performance of your website. It matters, big time!

Today’s marketing is all about getting attention. Your customers are already focusing their attention on Facebook, so to capture their interest, you need to make your voice heard.

Set up your business’s Facebook page and create a plan for how you’ll get active. How often will you post? What will you post?  I’ll cover this more on Day 9 of this series, but if you don’t have a Facebook page now, create one. It takes less than an hour.

Branding is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of marketing today. People think it’s hocus pocus. It’s not.

Branding is what people are saying about you when you’re not listening.


To steer the conversation in a positive light and get people talking in a positive way about your business, you need to plan what you want your brand image to be. What do you hope people are saying about you? What are you doing in your marketing today to shift the conversation and make people react to you?

Plan your brand and infuse your story into every piece of marketing you do – online or off.

That’s it for this edition!

If you haven’t done these five things, you’re already way behind most of your competition. Get started with them today or schedule time to get them done in the very near future – preferably before the New Year rolls around and you’re too busy tossing confetti or lighting fireworks.

These are the primers that must be in place for your 2016 http://audi-ais.kh.ua/video/4342525-torpedo-vaz-2107/ plan to succeed. Get after ’em!

Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Local Business in 2016

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